The Strokes @ FYF 2014


Gelato System by Tom Jueris

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SPOTLIGHT: Cari Vander Yacht Remixed Vintage Photo’s Into Humorous Animated Gifs

Portland, Oregon-based artist Cari Vander Yacht scans vintage photos from thrift stores and converts them into these hilarious GIFS. 

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On Your Marks, Get Set, Go Frauke Thielking

"On your marks, get set, go. We humans must act and decide how we want to shape our lives. Life Orientation is a process, which we are constantly subjected. Life is steady development, change and adaptation. Each of us is looking, needs orientation, reorganization and adaptation to cope with and the constant changes of life. Our habitat consists of more than one room. We live in a variety of differently constructed spaces that are layered and complex and constantly reshape. We need to build new facilities. Interfaces, contacts,exchange. New ideas and perspectives are opened up, the energy released for the opening up of additional rooms. On your marks, get set, go."

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Embroidered Landscapes

Wool artist Ana Teresa Barboza creates landscapes and other imagery that exists in the space between tapesty and sculpture. Mimicking the flow of waves or grass, each piece seems to tumble from its embroidery hoop where it flows down the gallery wall.

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Parents Butchering Names

Dad: What about that superhero, Thug?
Mom: Wolverine is played by Hugh Jackson?


Frozen Peas from SuckUK; a fantastic piece of design as metaphor (as well as a super convenient way to make a spherical ice “cube”.

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Images via chineasy.org

Reading in Chinese can be difficult for language learners, so ShaoLan Hsueh and a team of visual designers have created Chineasy, a new book of pictograms featuring more than 400 Chinese characters.

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Cross-Stitched Microbes & Germs

by Alicia Watkins

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Sea to shining sea, Cody Cobb